Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to Properly Use Cardio to Burn Fat

Cardio. Everybody's heard of it. Not everybody does it. People want to lose weight, so they pick what sounds the best, and looks the easiest, even if it's time consuming. They will walk four hours, or run on a tread mill, or do simple laps in the pool. Once they're done with that, they'll stop (often times without even having been tired), and probably eat something. Chances are, when they eat, they eat as many or even more calories than they just burned!

Cardio to Burn Fat

This is the common cardio we hear about. It is not real cardio.

First, let me explain what cardio is. Cardio is a name for Aerobic Exercise. And Aerobic Exercise is simply doing something that makes your heart and lungs work harder than normal. The word cardio actually means "Heart"!

Cardio, or Aerobic Exercise, is improperly used these days. It can apply to running for hours, or swimming, cycling, jogging, or things like that, but it applies to so much more! It is one of the two most effective ways to lose fat (and build muscle at the same time), your diet being the first. I'll leave diet to another article though. Oh, and did I mention that you can actually build lean, strong, and usable muscle while you use cardio to burn fat? "They" don't like to tell you that. Where would they get "their" money from?

Not only can Cardio be applied to the things stated above, but so much more. It also applies to sprinting, a hard days labor (labor is good), playing (how do you think kids stay so thin?), and different types of exercise that are designed to build muscle but burn fat at the same time! The best part, they can be done in as little as twenty minutes, sometimes as little as five or less! Another good thing about "real" cardio, it leaves your metabolism at a high for up to three days after your workout (depending on what you did and how hard you did it)! That means you can take twenty minutes and do some simple exercises, and have your body in a fat burning furnace state for days after! All the while you're sitting on your couch, sleeping, eating a donut (though it would work better if you didn't), or, better yet, doing more exercises!

But here's the trick. In order for this to work, in order for you to become a fat burning furnace that works well you sleep, you've gotta work. You have to work hard! Even if you're not doing something intense, you have to do it a rate that makes it intense. You're body has to work, and work hard! That way, you're body will be in a state of shock (don't get scared off, this is good). You're muscles (including heart and lungs), use up so much oxygen and energy in such a short amount of time, your body is trying to recover for days. And in this time, your metabolism is higher. You're burning fat while you sleep!

If you've read this far, you probably want to know what these exercises are. Well, I'm not able to show you. But I can give you a head start in finding them. Some programs I found that are good include Double Edge Fat Loss, TacFit Commando, and the Adonis Index.

You can easily find other exercises online (you found this, didn't you?). The secret to burning fat is so simple. If the word got out and everyone followed the simple ways, those big companies telling us and selling us crap would be out of business. Every person who learns the truth counts.

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